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Emergency Dentistry

When disaster strikes and you damage one of your teeth in an accident or you experience severe tooth pain, you have to turn to an emergency dentist in Santa Monica. Dr. Melanie offers emergency dentistry services at Wilshire Dental, giving you the immediate help you deserve.

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Lost Filling or Crown

If your crown or filling has come loose or fallen off, getting help as quickly as possible is vital. To prevent further damage, place a piece of sugarless gum in the cavity or use a cotton ball or gauze. The sooner you get to Dr. Melanie, the more quickly she can place a temporary crown or provide the filling you need.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If you crack or chip your tooth, try to save and rinse the parts that fell off. Rinse your mouth off as well using warm water. If you see you’re bleeding, place a cotton ball or a piece of gauze in the area and leave it until the bleeding stops. After placing a cold compress to prevent swelling, turn to us at Wilshire Dental so we can help.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Trauma can easily knock a tooth out. Speed is paramount, so gather the tooth if you can find it and hold it by the crown. Rinse it off with water but don’t brush or rub it, and make sure not to remove any tissue fragments. If it’s possible, attempt to place the tooth back in the socket — but don’t force it. 

If putting the tooth back into your mouth is not possible, place it in a container with a bit of milk. We’ll have the best chance of getting the tooth back in place if you come to us within the hour.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be debilitating, so the best thing you can do is turn to an emergency dentist on Wilshire as quickly as possible. As you prepare for your emergency visit, rinse your mouth out with warm water and apply a cold compress to your cheek. 

Remember not to place aspirin tablets against your gums because it can burn your tissue. Take over-the-counter pain relievers and call us as soon as possible.

Get Immediate Help

Dealing with a broken or knocked-out tooth is very stressful, but you can get the support and care you need when you turn to Wilshire Dental. Dr. Melanie accepts PPO insurance as well as other payment options. Visit Wilshire Dental right now if you have a dental emergency.

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