3D computer image of how Inlays and Onlays differ.

Inlays & Onlays

A damaged tooth will only get worse with time, so acting quickly is important. When you choose Wilshire Dental near Brentwood, you are turning to Dr. Melanie, who practices minimally invasive dentistry. This means that while she does offer crowns for damaged teeth, she usually chooses inlays and onlays.

Are they the right choice for you? Learn more about these options.

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What Are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are minimally invasive restorative options that perfectly suit many types of damaged teeth. They offer a middle ground between a more basic option like fillings and an invasive one like crowns. Inlays and onlays are custom-made to fill in the damaged areas of a tooth. 

Dental inlays are designed to fit into a hole in a tooth caused by an injury or decay. They are usually made of ceramic, a resin composite material, or porcelain. Inlays are much stronger and more durable than fillings, and they also provide a more natural appearance.

Onlays are effective at treating teeth with decayed or damaged cusps. They are well suited for situations where fillings would not offer the structural support the tooth requires. In the past, metal onlays were the only option, but now you can get them in porcelain or resin composite.

Another 3D computer image of differences between inlays and onlays

Getting Inlays or Onlays


At Wilshire Dental, Dr. Melanie will begin by examining the affected teeth as well as your overall oral health. If she thinks you’re a good candidate for inlays or onlays, she will start the procedure by removing the damaged part of the tooth. 

Digital 3D Scan

Because Dr. Melanie follows minimally invasive dentistry procedures, she will do this without damaging your gums or removing more of the tooth than is necessary. She will then take a digital 3D scan of the affected tooth to make the inlay or onlay.

Permanent Inlay or Onlay

Once the permanent inlay or onlay has been made in the lab, Dr. Melanie will cement it into place. 

Fixing a Damaged Tooth With Inlays or Onlays

For many people, getting a crown over a damaged tooth is not an option they’d prefer. It can involve removing a lot of enamel, which might feel too invasive. By turning to inlays or onlays, you’re able to provide your tooth with the necessary protection with a minimally invasive procedure. Contact Wilshire Dental now to learn more about the options we offer.

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