Dr. Melanie assisting smiling child patient.

Family Dentistry

Wilshire Dental offers family dentistry services to help your whole family receive the dental care they need in a friendly and welcoming environment. We offer help for people of all ages, from children and teenagers to the elderly.

Dr. Melanie has years of experience working with children and adults. Your family will have a positive experience each time they come to our dental office near Brentwood.

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Family Dentist:
What Services Do We Offer?

We encourage children as young as three to get their first dental checkup with us to ensure we catch any dental issues early. We’ll check to see if your child’s teeth are developing as they should.

At Wilshire Dental, our family dentist also offers help for cavities. Tooth decay is common, but it’s also highly preventable. Dr. Melanie can quickly identify a potential cavity and recommend the right steps. If the cavity has already formed, she offers treatment with fillings. As an alternative to a traditional tooth-colored filling, we also offer a pain-free, quick, and affordable cavity treatment with Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF).

Gum disease treatment is another service we offer. Gum disease is a serious condition that puts your overall health at risk, so monitoring your gum health is important for people of all ages. 

We are also the place to turn to for dental emergencies that affect your family. Whether your child has chipped a tooth or they’re experiencing any kind of dental pain, we’re the ones to call. 

To help every member of your family have beautiful teeth, we at Wilshire Dental also offer Invisalign clear braces as part of our family dentistry services. Invisalign braces offer the chance to get a lovely smile without the stress of wearing regular braces.

Child patient high-fiving a dental hygienist

Our Philosophy

Many dental phobias stem from negative childhood experiences. A Santa Monica dentist like Dr. Melanie strives to help every child make positive connections with the process of receiving dental care. To achieve this, we offer a fun and welcoming environment, and our experienced staff will help your child feel comfortable throughout their entire visit with us. 

We focus on getting to know our patients, taking the time to understand their concerns. You’ll never feel rushed when you come to our clinic.

Dr. Melanie explains each step of every procedure she will perform, giving you everything you need to make informed treatment decisions. And by using the latest techniques and technologies — including digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure and an intraoral scanner/ camera so you can see everything the dentist is seeing and doing — you know you’re always getting the best care.

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For all of your family’s dental needs, Dr. Melanie is ready to help. Schedule your appointment at Wilshire Dental today.

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