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Teeth Whitening

Keeping your teeth looking their best may mean turning to teeth whitening options. In Santa Monica near West LA, you can trust Dr. Melanie at Wilshire Dental. She offers both in-office whitening as well as take-home whitening options to suit your exact needs. Find out which of these options is the right one for you.

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Opalescence Take-Home  Whitening Kits

If you’d rather do your teeth whitening at home, or if you’d like to maintain your whitened teeth after an in-office procedure, we offer the Opalescence Take-Home Whitening Kits. We have kits that either contain pre-filled moldable whitening trays or kits that include custom-made whitening trays with whitening gel at your preferred strength that you can use with them.

The pre-filled trays are a great option for patients who want to avoid impressions and lab time. They are very comfortable, easily mold to any patient’s smile, and come in different whitening strengths. They are a great way to get whiter teeth in a week while wearing them between 15 minutes to an hour a day. The custom whitening trays are made to fit your smile exactly and can be reused over and over with whichever percentage of whitening strength you choose. The whitening gel for your custom trays comes in 5 different strengths so you will always be able to achieve your desired level of brightness. Take-home whitening options are a great choice that allows you to maintain your whiter teeth or begin your teeth whitening journey without having to take time out of your busy day to sit in our office.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening

The in-office teeth whitening option Dr. Melanie offers is BOOST by Opalescence Teeth Whitening. This is a bleaching process that helps to lighten any discoloration of your enamel and dentin. 

The process begins with Dr. Melanie examining your teeth and gums to see if BOOST in-office whitening is the right choice for you. She will ask you about your oral hygiene and may also ask about your overall health. We recommend patients have a regular hygiene (teeth cleaning) appointment before having teeth whitened.

During your teeth whitening session in Santa Monica, we will cover your lips and gums, exposing only your teeth. We apply a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that does not require an LED light for activation. Studies have shown that whitening systems that are activated with an LED light lead to increased tooth sensitivity. The BOOST whitening gel we use contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to help with sensitivity and is vegan and gluten-free.

We will apply a fresh application of whitening gel three times, waiting 20 minutes after each application, for a total treatment time of 60 minutes. At the completion of your appointment, you will enjoy your dazzling white smile! Dr. Melanie offers the BOOST by Opalescence in-office teeth whitening option, a meticulous process tailored to lighten enamel and dentin discoloration while prioritizing patient comfort and oral health.

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Try Our Teeth Whitening Options

If you’ve always wanted pearly-white teeth, now is your chance. At Wilshire Dental in Santa Monica, we offer in-office teeth whitening as well as take-home options so you can always maximize your convenience. With Dr. Melanie to help you, you’ll also get tips to prevent new stains from forming on your teeth. Reach out to Wilshire Dental today to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening services.

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