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Supra-Gingival, Minimally Invasive Dentistry

As the field of dentistry continues to improve and evolve, one thing becomes more clear: using minimally invasive procedures for dental care is better for patients. Wilshire Dental, located in Santa Monica, offers minimally invasive dentistry procedures to provide patients with the exact care they need. Learn more about supra-gingival dentistry and what it offers.

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What Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

Supra-gingival dentistry tackles the problem of excessive removal of healthy tooth structure during traditional dental procedures. With a supra-gingival approach, modern dentists can preserve more of the natural tooth while achieving necessary restorations.

To place a crown on a damaged tooth, traditional treatment requires the removal of enamel to make room. These traditional techniques not only cause damage to the dental structure but can also pose a risk to its root, as well as potentially causing gum inflammation. 

Minimally invasive dentistry is made to offer a less invasive alternative. It is a style of dentistry that focuses on using modern materials and techniques like enamel preservation. It strives to do all of this by keeping restorations above the gum line.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Enamel Health

Supra-gingival procedures require less removal of enamel even for procedures like filling a cavity. This helps maintain the tooth’s structural integrity and improves the durability of the entire tooth.

Reduced Inflammation

Because these procedures keep restorative work above the gumline, there is less chance of experiencing gum inflammation. Gum inflammation slows down recovery and can lead to complications.

Cost Effective

Not only is supra-gingival dentistry able to prevent long recovery periods, but it also saves patients money. Supra-gingival dentistry helps you avoid unnecessary procedures that can hike up the cost of your treatment.

Less Painful & Faster Recovery

During each procedure using minimally invasive dentistry, the focus is on minimizing injury to the tooth, its nerve, and the gums. This leads to a less painful and faster recovery.

Reduced Risk

You also don’t have to worry about damage occurring to the pulp of the tooth. This kind of damage easily leads to needing a root canal, so turning to techniques that decrease the risk is vital.

Turning to a Trustworthy Dentist

If you’re in need of dental treatments but are concerned about painful and long recovery periods, Wilshire Dental is here to help. Dr. Melanie Schlang-Richardson, known as Dr. Melanie to her patients, offers minimally invasive dentistry services to help you get the help you need without putting the structure of your teeth at risk. 

By providing everything from veneers to full mouth restorations, Dr. Melanie is the dependable and safe option.

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